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Prices & info.
   Prices & Information

All photographic rates include a selection of the usable - edited images.

These are supplied digitally in whatever format the client wishes: emailed in a link, or supplied on a memory stick etc.

All images will be edited images in Photoshop, and can be organised into a book or framed prints if required.

This would only be charged as an editing fee (£30 p/h), as my primary objective is that my clients have the photographs displayed for them to enjoy.

prduct / lifestyle
Product & advertising 
Different packages, depending on your needs:
All packages include
Lifestyle staging, Photoshoot styling, Lighting, Photo re-touching,
background removal, Infographics.
3 product / lifestyle images

You will get 3 photos per product *Please contact for customer offer.
Delivery time: 5 days.
5 product / lifestyle images

You will get 5 photos per product *Please contact for customer offer.
Delivery time: 6 days
10 Product / lifestyle images
You will get 10 photos per product *Please contact for customer offer.
Delivery time: 10 days
Commercial / Advertising
Corporate / Commercial / Advertising

£300 per half day  £550 per full day


A half day is typically between 2 and 4 hours, and a full day is up to 7.5 hours.

Editorial / Family

Editorial / Family / lifestyle

 £280 per half day,  £500 per full day,  £150 per Mini session [up to 1.5 hours]
Editorial for magazine / print
& Family - lifestyle
At home with, lifestyle, and family portraits. 
Outdoor & location shoots.

Shorter 'mini' sessions are available  on request, subject to availability and location of the shoot.

Social entrprise / third sector
Social Enterprise & Third sector

£125 per half day, £250 per full day


These reduced rates are dependant on

the clients ability to prove that they are actually

working in the third sector and contributing to

the community.

    Travel anywhere required. Free for the first 50 miles, then charged at 45p per/mile. 50% deposit is due when booking the shoot,

        and the rest made payable before the transfer of the finished photographs.

Arrangements can be made too help with pick-up & delivery of items to be photographed.

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